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ASTM C-920

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This page provides access to a variety of tools that will aid you with your project review and estimating process. 

*Sealant quantity requirements can be easily determined with Tremco's sealant calculator.  Simply key in the pertinent data and all the calculations are performed for you.

                   Sealant Volume Estimating Chart



This chart contains  yield figures for a variety of sealant packaging.  The yields shown provide for a 5% scrape factor. Each user should consider whether a higher or lower scrape figure is more appropriate for their specific use.  Page one shows yields for joint sizes less than 1" in width.  Page two shows yields for joints 1" wide and larger.

Sealant volume and coverage charts for Firestop applications.

For Spray coverage at head of wall;

Firestop Spray Coverage.pdf

(may take a few minutes to load.)

For sealant volume required for through Penetrations;
              Penetration Sealant Estimator

*Wet film Coverage Rate Chart allows easy determination of coating quantity requirments.

* Sealant joint movement caused by thermal expansion and contraction of building materials is generally the single greatest contributor in a moving sealant joint. The Coefficient of Linear Thermal  Expansion can be used to determine how much movement can be expected in a sealant joint condition.