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3M Fire and Water Barrier Tape FWBT  the next generation in Fire Stopping.

No spray or caulk required!

3M Fire and Water Barrier Tape FWBT

·        Provides fire, water and smoke protection in construction and perimeter joints

·        Works as acoustic barrier by minimizing noise transfer

·        Broad temperature range when applying

·        High tack adhesive sticks to many common building materials

·        Acts as an immediate barrier to water leakage

3M™ Fire and Water Barrier Tape is an elastomeric fire, water, smoke and sound tape. When installed properly it can act as a barrier to water leakage and airborne sound transmission, while helping to control the transmission of fire, heat and smoke.

3M™ Fire and Water Barrier Tape can provide up to 4-hours of fire protection in construction joints per ASTM E 1966 (UL 2079), 3-hour fire protection in perimeter joints per ASTM E 2307 and 2-hour fire protection in through-penetration applications per ASTM E 814 (UL 1479).


·        Fire protection in construction and perimeter joints

·        Fire protection in through-penetration applications

·        Acoustic barrier

·        Barrier to water leakage

This elastic material maintains performance with up to +/- 50% movement capabilities. It has a high tack adhesive that sticks to most common building materials and exceeds the AAMA 711 minimum for adhesion in peel. In addition, it can be installed in temperatures as low as 0°F (18°C) and as high as 120°F (49°C). Adding to its versatility is a unique adhesive that bonds to damp surfaces. This product acts as an acoustic barrier by minimizing noise transfer (STC-Rating of 54 when tested in a STC 54-rated wall assembly), meets the intent of LEED® VOC environmental guidelines and also acts as an immediate barrier to water leakage passing the ASTM D 6904 rain resistance test. Our 3M™ Fire and Water Barrier Tape complies with the current requirements of the International Building Code (IBC). NFPA 5000 and NFPA 101.

For installation instructions click  FWBT (may take a few minutes to load.)

Tremproof 545/560 Post-Applied, self-Adhered Waterproofing Membrane  Performs without a primer or the need of a Protection Course.

For information click on Tremproof 545/560

3M Detector Loop Sealant now a stock item.
We are please to announce that

3M 5000 Bondo Detector Loop sealant
(may take a few minutes to load) is now available in 1 liter sausages (ply pack).

In time for fall applications, we have added an additional line of Backer Rod to our Inventory.  We are now stocking Nomaco's


Concrete Pavement joint sealant backup for use with hot-applied sealants

We are pleased to welcome GE Silicones to Midwest Sealant Supply as a supplier of  sealants for the construction marketplace. Click on Momentive for information on GE Sealants.

We now stock Wood's 8" Vacuum Cups

Featured Product:

3M has introduced FIP 1-Step, an expanding foam-in-Place intumescent Firestop that does not require the use of mineral wool.

Click the image to learn more.


Looking for Safe-T- Guard?  Click on What's New.

A new fireproofing product for wood and fabrics is available.   To learn more, click on FireTect.

We are pleased to announce we now stock 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant 5200.
For technical information  please click on 5200

Heavy Duty, 8 " floor scrapers:  Heat treated investment cast heads, solid steel handles and cushioned grips create the ultimate hand scraper.

Flash News! 
We now stock Euco 700, Epoxy Floor Joint Sealant Tint Base. Color paks allow selection from our inventory of 75 colors.

Field Tintable Silicone Sealant

Eighty (80) colors in stock.
Low & Ultra-low modulus Silicones

Tremco Spectrem 4 textured silicone

 Pecora 890FTS smooth silicone.

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FAQ's address your need for red colored products in firestop applications.  Click  firestop  to debunk your need to use Red.

* use our "Color Charts" link for direct acess to online color charts.

Make Midwest Sealant Supply your source for Horseshoe Shims.  We stock 1 1/2" X 3 1/2" shims in 1/16", 1/8" , 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" thickness.  Made in the U.S.A.  Call for Prices.

We have increased our inventory and now stock several different finishes of Citadel "Panel 15" architectural panels.